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Click here to see Maverick x Phoebe puppies-all sold, born 2/27/20

Click here to see Ch Wiki x Coco puppies-all sold, born 2/05/20

Click here to see Ch Wiki x Roo puppies-all sold, born 3/27/20

1. The pups are socialized, handled and exposed to various noises and walking surfaces.

2. Do your research on this breed.  Yes they are beautiful and smart, but they also shed.  You must be committed to getting them groomed every 6-8 weeks to control the undercoat.  This will help tremendously with the shedding.

3.  Do NOT let your aussie get fat!  This is the most common thing i see among owners.  You should be able to feel their ribs!

4. Be an educated buyer.  Do research on the breed and ask lots of questions.  Sign up for a puppy class and take your puppy to Home Depot/Lowe’s to have him meet people.  Always bring treats!

5. We believe in balanced training

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